Friday, February 4, 2011

No-Contact Order from an Ex

So I hear Evin Lynn McPherson has a no-contact order with TWO of his exes.

Amanda Yvonne Peres aka Hall pressed charges of unwanted contact and harrassment against her former fiance, Evin Lynn McPherson. He proceeded to call her from Downtown Boise and threaten her that if she goes downtown tonight, that "She will get the shit beat out of her".

Are you fucking stupid!? You don't tell your ex that.

Also it was reported that Amanda miscarried Evin's son, Kaden. Evin at the time was putting Amanda Peres under ENORMOUS amounts of stress, which caused the miscarriage in the end.

Hmm. I'm thinking this prick doesn't deserve women OR kids. I mean seriously? Bitch out your fiance while she's pregnant with your child!? ESPECIALLY in her early trimester, when its risky as it is? Real bright. Ideal dad, let me tell you. I hope this kid never fucking reproduces.

So the no-contact order is still in place, and Mr. McPherson continues to break it by shouting random things like "You're daughter's a whore!" to Amanda Peres's mother. How immature.

Evin McPherson Nearly Kills Woman With Child

On January 26th, 2010 former fiancĂ©e Stephanie Noircent, 19 and Evin McPherson, 21, got into a domestic squabble. The couple had known each other for five years and were arguing about a separate male who had moved out of the trailer earlier that month. Living with Joseph McKercher at 2725 North Five Mile Road #45 in Boise, Idaho, the former couple got into a shoving match which ended up with Noircent on the floor, and McPherson twisting her neck trying to break it. Fearing for her life, Noircent thrust up her arm, which held a knife, and nicked his face. When McPherson released Noircent, she went to defend her property as he was throwing her clothes everywhere and stomping on her laptop. McPherson then proceeded to take his own knife and press it against Noircent’s throat, telling her to go kill herself and “actually follow through with it this time.” When Noircent refused, McPherson continued to abuse Noircent, who was trying to leave the premises. McPherson turned around and was grabbing another knife when Noircent stabbed McPherson to prevent him from doing any further harm to her and her unborn child. This made no difference however, as McPherson rushed Noircent by the throat to the wall and stabbed her three times in the back, puncturing at least an inch deep and directly towards her uterus.

            On August 7th, 2010 Noircent gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. I beg to differ that this child’s death wasn’t Evin’s doing. I mean look at the facts; here is this 6 ft 6 man, obviously built and stronger than Noircent, who is just 5 ft 3. You have him abusing her and reaching for more weapons. You have Noircent forced to defend herself, and you have him stabbing her THREE TIMES in the BACK! Talk about a back-stabber. Then their child is born dead. Is there a link here? Oh, I think there is. I think Evin caused the death of that poor baby girl. I think that Evin is a snitch bitch, a punk, going to the cops like that. With the very laptop he was trying to destroy! He should have been the one to go to prison. I’ve seen pictures of Noircent all bruised up from the incident as well as other times when he was abusing her.
            In an interview I asked Noircent why she plead guilty to one of the charges. “He wants to go into the military, and he can’t with a criminal record so fuck it; I’ll take the blame, I’m no rat.” So this girl takes CRIMINAL CHARGES for this bastard, and what does he do? He turns in letters that she sends him; LOVE letters, mind you, not threatening ones at all. He assumes shit about Stephanie WITHOUT checking with her first, assuming third parties are always right, with no proof. He then goes and spreads lies to the police and to his wannabe friends, claiming she had tried to kill herself before and blah blah blah. Honestly, be a man and take it, don’t go snitch on your baby’s momma. That’s just sick and wrong. Talk about a coward.
            Evin McPherson has a myspace account at and a facebook profile at as well. He has a MyYearbook account and a tagged account at . You can tell that he puts himself across as a badass; maybe that works for a few shallow pig-headed women, along with a sob story of “omigod my ex stabbed me”. Did you smoke too much pot, kid? It’s not something to be proud of. And get some vitamin D; you’re not Edward Cullen.

Class dismissed.